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Smoke detection

Infiltration of tracers and fumigants to find the depth leaks on roof terraces or on the external / internal water networks, the overpressure provoked will let out a thick white smoke in a visible way at the place there are leaks . 
The research often requires the introduction of tracer gas to detect leaks in depth, the search will be done using a sniffer pump that will warn us by audible and bright signals of the place where the leaks come from.

Search for smoke leaks:

  • To control roof terraces in which the circulation of air is allowed under the sealing envelope.
  • By a mixture of air and smoke under the sealing envelope. The overpressure caused allows the smoke to escape to the place where there is escape

Leakage Search by Tracer Gas:

  • To trace small leaks in small pipes
  • For tracing leaks on water networks
  • For tracing leaks in depth or in the case where the smoke is not penetrable due to insulation too much water
  • By introducing a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen.


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