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Septic tanks


The swill and the sewage (WC), undergo a clarification then anaerobic bacterial fermentation leading to a partial liquefaction of the sludge. The effluent thus pretreated is then filtered by the Clogging Indicator Filter (FIC), then flows into the draining bed which can be drained, an undrained sand filter, a sand filter drained according to the nature of the land. . The fermentation gases are evacuated through the decompression ports (high and low ventilation).


A check of the proper functioning of the pit is necessary at least once a year. 
Sludge emptying is recommended every 3 years:

  • Empty the pit
  • Check the condition of the prefilter (FIC) + change in case of clogging (WARNING, never operate the pit without the FIC)
  • Check the water inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Fill with clear water and put back into service.


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