Tip Top services intervenes urgently at any time because your comfort is our profession.

pipe cleaning

Tiptop-service ensures you a service in the sector of unblocking, cleaning and maintenance of your pipes. The concerns of pipelines are a source of hassle: septic tank or blocked pipe, unpleasant odors, wastewater, evacuation problems, and more. We put our experience and our expertise at your service for all your repairs 24/7. Our fast team is ready to intervene for all your work. 

  • Unblocking of ducting: Clogged evacuation, clogged plumbing, clogged ducting, clogged sink, clogged toilet, clogged bathtub, disgorging toilet, sanitary unblocking, disgorging of rainwater networks. 
  • Pipe Cleaning: cleaning is firstly used to ensure the proper functioning of the pipe network and to ensure a good flow of wastewater and rainwater. All ducts must be usually maintained. We use either a high-pressure water jet or a hydrodynamic rocket, which is used to detach the waste accumulated on the walls that may form a plug and prevent the passage of water. 'flow. 
  • Pipeline maintenance: Tiptop-service ensures the maintenance of all your pipelines throughout Belgium.