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Descaling pipes

Decalcification of pipelines 
Tartar or limestone are a real disaster for your sanitary facilities and for your pipes in your home.They ask themselves a little more each day to end up causing irreversible problems on the plumbing. Fortunately, there are solutions to end it and prevent their reappearance. Discover here how to descale pipes.

Scaled pipes: 
Too much water in limestone can cause a lot of problems in your comfort, maintenance and increases the energy consumption of your appliances. Hot water pipes are very sensitive to limestone and they clog gently to cause problems such as pressure loss, temperature change, leakage of pipes.

How to descale your pipes? 
If your pipes are already victim of pie, at this time it requires a descaling. By pouring soda or hydrochloric acid into your pipes, you will achieve a good result. By cons you must protect yourself to avoid accidental burn and also take into account the material of the pipes to not damage them. This kind of product is very harmful. That's why there are other ways such as boiling white vinegar and adding some baking soda and pouring it into your pipes. If these two techniques do not work, then call our company specializing in hydrocuring or a plumber.

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