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Camera inspection

Drain camera

We offer you the best service, for this we use new equipment such as drain cameras and infrared cameras. Our plumbers can with the camera system locate and diagnose the origin of the sewer problem with precision.


When to use a camera

Camera inspection is the key tool for detecting anomalies in drains or pipes:

  • Storm or sanitary sewers clogged
  • A pierced pipe
  • Decrease of water evacuation
  • Water penetration
  • Sewer discharge
  • Prevent a problem

Thermal camera inspection: 

This camera makes it possible to examine all the drains. It is used to approve the quality of pipes, to collect images of irregularities and to follow the path of the pipe. This tool is perfect for sewer unclogging and other plumber interventions.


Infrared or thermal camera inspection: 

The infrared camera can detect irregularities affecting drains or pipes placed in the floor, walls or ceilings. When there is a water infiltration a plumber can use this camera. It prevents him from working blindly by giving him the precise location of the problem. It can then precisely block the leak and limit the damage faster.


Service and solutions: 

Once the camera inspection is done by our plumbers, they recommend the best intervention. Such as a sewer unblocking by or with a high pressure machine. If your sewer system is in poor condition, they will suggest replacing the facilities with new ones. Whatever the problem, our experienced plumbers will advise you and will always look after your interests.



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